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Vase of Colourful Glass Daisies

Gorgeous handcrafted glass daisies make up this beautiful vase arrangement created by Donna of The Glass Florist.
Complete with a classic clear glass bottle vase, this is a perfect gift. The glass captures the light, refracting the colours, whether they're outside or in a window.
The vase is comprised of 6 gorgeous pastel and bright flowers in different shades.
Every flower is individually handmade, using molten glass and stainless steel wire. Each petal is added, one at a time, shaping the glass to create the perfect bloom before placing it in a kiln to anneal.
Each flower stem measures approximately 16-18 cm long, with the heads of the flowers varying from 2-5cm depending on the style and design.
Please do not attempt to trim the stems without sharp wire cutters, as the vibrations from cutting with insufficient tools may damage the petals. Please also refrain from bending or shaping the wire as this can cause the glass within the head of the flower to move, causing cracks to occur.
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