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Tel: 01234 240730 
Email: info@afterglow-originals.com 
Address: 35 High Street South, Olney, Bucks, MK46 4AA 
Tel: 01234 240730 
Email: info@afterglow-originals.com 
Address: 35 High Street South, Olney, Bucks, MK46 4AA 
Handcrafted Vintage Upcycled 

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Unfortunately the shop is currently closed because of the Coronavirus crisis. We are exploring new ways of keeping our business going during the lockdown. 
March started well for Afterglow but by the middle of the month the writing was on the wall. Footfall had shrunk, as had our sales, and I was nervous about the shop having so many little things which are tempting to touch - not good in a pandemic! 
So on Mother's Day I sadly took the decision to shut temporarily alongside many other shops in Olney. The following day, the Government made it official for all non-essential shops to close anyway. 
Three weeks into lockdown, I have photographed thousands of items of our stock and am in the process of building a online shop within our website, with the help of Steve Axtell, my local itseeze consultant. 
All our designers and traders will be represented in the webshop so please drop by and visit - it is just a click away! We hope to bring some handmade and vintage cheer into your lives. Thank you! 
One of the joys of my job is sending items on the next stage of their vintage journey. The story of two Stakmore folding garden chairs is one lovely example. Spotted in the shop, they were purchased for a new life aboard a Dunkirk little ship! 
Built in 1930, “Lazy Days” came under fierce attack during World War Two as she ferried troops during the Dunkirk landings but has since been fully restored and takes part in many commemorative events. The chairs - themselves nearly 100 years old - will be used to provide much-needed comfy seating for Dunkirk veterans on the boat. 
Unpicking the history of a 125-year-old sewing machine 
Have you ever wondered about the history of those vintage items that come into our lives? 
Who sat on that chair or polished that spoon before it was refashioned into a ring or used the old wooden tool to carve something beautiful? 
With a bit of digging you can usually discover the bare bones of a piece's history, but sadly the story of the people who once owned it often remains elusive... 
For a small market town, Olney has many claims to fame. One of these is the Pancake Race, an event steeped in history and becoming more popular every year. 
No one is quite certain how the world famous race originated. The favourite story tells of a harassed housewife, hearing the shriving bell, dashing to the Church still clutching her frying pan containing a pancake. 
The first actual race is believed to have run in 1445, on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent, and the whole day was given over to a festival of celebration, pranks and pastimes. 
A new year, new designers in the shop and a new laptop for my blog!  
Getting a new website is a big commitment, both in terms of investment and the need to update it regularly. I use my iPad every day in the shop, as it's so easy to carry around, take photos, write emails and update Facebook and Instagram, but sadly it just doesn't work for my website, which is a bit more complex. Result - I have now purchased a new laptop and hope to be able to update the website more regularly. As you can see it's working well as my Happy New Year post is just scraping in before the end of January... 
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